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Who are we? is a Virtual Money Trading Platform. It’s an unique platform Online trading game providing virtual trading in India without investing or losing your hard earned money. Just Sign up and Get some virtual money to trade with social stocks of trending social events, celebs, singers or politicians. gives you the right to BUY or SELL the social stock via virtual money trading based on polls and true beliefs of users collecting through online trading game of Subillion. BUY or SELL is just like users opinion GOOD means BUY and BAD means SELL the stock and collect points and get it redeemed into real rewards.

We Serve U Billion ways to Predict the future

Buy your shares low and sell them high once the crowd figures out you were right

Why are we so popular?

Rahul Says :

There is no other platform like subillion. Social trading is a very new concept, and at there are lots of stocks to earn as trends grow.It's Amazing!

Sakshi Says :

I started the hastag #coolmoms a while ago. I always wondered how i would be able to measure the hashtag in money. WIth subillion, i can now do that! it is the best platform to predict trends as well!

Harry Says:

I was a newbie to the stock market. Thanks to subillion, I am now an expert! I now own more than 2 crore virtual rupees and trade regularly. The subillion staff is very helpful and approachable.